Legends Joining the forum and joining Legends.

Find out what makes the Legends the guild it is. You'll find our aims and objectives as well as our rules in here.

Legends Joining the forum and joining Legends.

Postby Willau Gladeshadow » 29 Aug 2012 18:30

Welcome to the Legends guild forum.

Notice to all newcomers registering with the forum. The forum exists purely to support the multi game gaming guild of Legends and is a recruitment and communications gathering point. We are happy to gain new members that follow our love of games that we play in but access for lurkers and spam artists is restricted.

The idea of this forum is for gamers to join and make an application to join one of our chapters. This being the case those just registering who are unknown to a chapter and do not make any application to join any chapter will be reoved after 7 days from registration.

Spam artists will find that the posts do not show and will be removed within 24 hours of having revealled themselves (No Rooby it is not Nyk... you are safe).

Genuine applicants will be welcomed as usual

Thank you for your time. Blessings Be.
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