Legends Legends Guild. An introduction.

Find out what makes the Legends the guild it is. You'll find our aims and objectives as well as our rules in here.

Legends Legends Guild. An introduction.

Postby Willau Gladeshadow » 22 Aug 2012 09:47

Legends Guild.


Legends guild was founded on the commercial release of Dungeons and Dragons Online over 6 years ago. During the Beta a player named Helgrim asked for people to contact him if they wanted to make a guild for mature gamers that placed no pressure such as compulsory raid nights and farming events. The objective was to create a guild that would take the game at a steady pace and allow people to play the roles they had chosen. The idea took root amongst a collection of players and Legends guild was founded. Many of the players however were waiting for the release of Lord of the Rings online and on release moved to that game but wanted to remain part of the Legends set up. Thus the idea for a multi game guild was born.

Who are we?

Legends guild, to this day, remain a group of like minded gamers who enjoy each others company in several games or just one as they see fit. There is no enforced activity such as raiding and all players are still recruited on a mature basis. Light RP can often be found not only on the forums but in game where you can indulge in your character or not as you see fit. We hope to savour every game we exist in and explore every instance available to us as a team or as individuals as the game requires. We are here to indulge a hobby on whatever level of activity you see fit to devote to it. Real life exists sadly and does get in the way at times but beyond those who choose to hold an officer position within the guild we expect no more than you are willing and have time to give. The aim is to have fun.

What do we offer?

Beyond the camaraderie of other gamers sharing a love of a game, we offer knowledge and help with kit, builds, progress and tips both in game and out in order for our members to get the best of their gaming experience. It is normally the Legends way that if I have something you can use and I cannot it is given freely. We reason that in improving your character build it enhances the whole team. We hold regular in game social gatherings to discuss wants and needs and progress in any guild matters. We will also be holding a ‘pub night’ once a month on the main forum where any Legend can discuss game issues or needs or just share ideas with the entire cross game guild.

What do we ask?

Basic respect and good manners. Treat your fellow Legends as you would wish yourself to be treated. Both in game and in the forums. Present and former Legends guild members have said that being a member is much like being a family and that is the atmosphere we wish to maintain and promote. Even when taking a break from the games we play many members find it fun to stay in touch through the forums.

Above all welcome to the community and have fun.
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