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App from Rawr

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2015 14:42
by bluerawrer
Player Name: Scott
Player Age: 50 - yes really
Player Location: NW England

What is your experience of roleplaying games prior to the game you are in?

Quite a lot really progressed from playing all the single player RPG on old PC's and consoles to WoW when they came out like many others. Moved onto Rift when that was in beta enjoyed that for a while and got back into Guild Wars. had a bash at the new Star Wars MMO but was massively disappointed. Got into GW2 for beta then had lots of PC issues and just left PC games for quite a while. Recently got a new laptop so I can play on that but as I have lots of other commitments it will only be on a very casual basis - I'm sure my wife, dog, job and other stuff will see to that :)

How well versed in the Lore of the game world do you consider yourself? Pretty well although I ahve to admit I have forgotten a lot. Was well into it in the past but just want to play casually now.

Character Name: Rawr Mangle (80) Death Rawr (72)
Character Race: Charr - Hippy tree
Character Class: Guardian - Necro

Tell us a little about your characters early years?

I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you :shock:

What has led to your character to adventure? Thrills, pills and bellyaches

If someone could whisper me in game for a chat that would be really great I literally logged on for the first time yesterday and had a good time just wondering the cities. I really feel lost as I stopped playing as the fractals (?) came in so the game has changed and all my specs etc are wrong (?)

Currently just playing the necro to level her

I used to play a lot of WvW but haven't tried that again yet - I don't like PvP in GW2 much too competitive for me

I'll have to get cracking back into crafting as I always enjoy that but when I look in my bags I have no idea if what I have is garbage or not I think I gave most good things away - I also think that the people I played with in the past moved servers

Re: App from Rawr

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2015 20:25
by Guranta
Welcome Rawr.

Nice to read your story..

I hope you were sent here by another guildmember, because i dont know how the Guildwars activity is nowadays. (I only play dungeons and dragons online).
You can always make a "call to arms" battlecry in one of the fora.

Welcome again and maybe see you around somewhere..

Re: App from Rawr

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2015 20:34
by bluerawrer

No - I was searching on the internet and found a link that way.

If you don't play anymore that's OK I've posted a thread on the official forums anyway - just need a good few folk to run about with in Tyria :)