DDO Welcome to Stormreach

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DDO Welcome to Stormreach

Postby Willau Gladeshadow » 22 Aug 2012 10:56

Wecome to the DDO chapter of Legends,

Our home is on the Thelanis server and you can find us by searching for 'The Legends Guild' The current chapter leader is Pugnacious and second in command is Thundafoot. If you wish to join us just search for any member of the guild online and ask. Anyone new to Legends will be teamed up with a group before being accepted basically to see if you like our form of game play. We are light role play and can often be caught discussing city and guild issues in character. Our mode of play is team driven as is the chapter.

Legends guild in DDO is the oldest chapter and todate the most successful for the guild. We fully intend to remain in DDO till they close down and kick us out. Thus you will always find Legends about.

The chapter is also very well versed in the game with many people able to help a newcomer from simple team play to advice with builds and help with equipment. Basically whatever you want from this game the chapter will support you to have fun. Currently the only 'static' running is the Shenanigans party. Please be warned the chapter is crawling with the members of this shady bunch of halflings but they represent some of the humour that is present in our chapter and grouping with them is always fun.

If you think this is the game for you look us up or attend a chapter meeting in the Bogwater tavern in Phiarlan quarter on Sunday evenings.

And beware Shenanigans....
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